Kneer, fitted sheets and great sleep

Here at Kneer we care about one thing: Your sleep. This motivates our family business to manufacture fitted sheets that you love to sleep in.

After all, sleep is a huge part of your lives. Sleeping well lets you wake up refreshed and energized. It allows you to be creative and efficient – and just overall happier.  

Our passion is the perfect fit: Our fitted sheets

It is the unsung hero between pillow, blanket and mattress: the fitted sheet. Fitted sheets have an important job in your bed. They offer you a comfortably soft surface and keep your mattress clean. For you to be truly comfortable, they should cover the mattress smoothly without wrinkling and slipping. All this is true for our fitted sheets.

While searching for high-quality fabrics, ideal fits and attractive colors, we became experts for fitted sheets. Plus: We do not stop when it comes to unconventional shapes: Do you own a water bed, sleep in your van or need a sheet for your massage couch? We have fitted sheets for you that meet your criteria just perfectly!

Home textiles made by Kneer

We want your home to be your personal feel-good oasis. That is why we are so dedicated to making our products just perfect: We offer cuddly, high-quality fabrics with longevity. At Kneer you can find excellent bed linen made of satin or beaver, soft blankets and pretty coverlets.

In addition, our fabrics are skin-friendly and Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified.