Perfect match for all mattresses: Fitted sheets in stretch quality

Stretch consists of cotton, elastane and sometimes polyester and modal. Thus, the fabric combines the advantages of these fabrics: Mainly, it is extremely flexible and adaptable – making it a perfect fit for every shape of mattress and a pleasure to lay on. Our stretch fabrics are available in different designs, like our fitted sheets for box-spring and water beds. Our easy stretch fitted sheet is suitable for mattresses up to 40 cm height. All our linen comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. 

Kneer Exklusiv-Stretch

Exclusive stretch: A classic for fitted sheets

95 % cotton and 5 % elastane: Exclusive stretch has proven to be an effective mix of materials for fitted sheets. The high percentage of cotton makes the sheet soft and silky. In addition, the high absorbency of the cotton protects your mattress from moisture such as sweat. 


Vario stretch: The right fit for every mattress

Besides 50 % cotton and 5 % elastane, vario stretch boasts 45 % modal. This combination makes the fitted sheets extremely flexible: They adapt to every shape of mattress, even the very high ones. At the same time, vario stretch is extremely soft and silky – a true eye-catcher in your bedroom.  

Kneer Organic Stretch

Organic Stretch: High-quality cotton for your home

This fitted sheet contains 96 % cotton and 4 % elastane. What makes it so special: The cotton comes from controlled organic farming – a valuable contribution to protect our environment. The organic stretch sheets are GOTS certified. Thanks to their high-quality processing, they are skin-friendly and incredibly soft. The elastane guarantees lots of flexibility, which makes changing the sheets super easy.

Kneer Easy Stretch

Easy stretch: It can be so simple

The material mix of 95 % cotton and 5 % elastane makes the easy stretch fitted sheet extremely flexible. It is therefore ideal for high mattresses and water beds. The functional rubber band makes changing the sheets very easy. 

Jersey fitted sheets: Perfect fit without slipping

The secret of jersey? It is an especially elastic fabric, due to its manufacturing method: Jersey is knitted. This creates small stitches that make the fabric so stretchy. Often, jersey is made of pure cotton, but you can also find elastane mixtures. 

Kneer’s popular jersey product range consists of 100 percent cotton – that makes it so skin friendly. The manufacturing method also makes the jersey especially durable: It keeps its form and does not wrinkle. A perfect match for fitted sheets and pillowcases!   

Kneer Edel-Zwirn-Jersey

Fine threaded jersey: High-quality elegance

Do you want silky and soft pillowcases, on which you feel comfortable even during hot nights? Then our fine threaded jersey is perfect for you! It is made of 100% cotton and has even more advantages compared to other jerseys: Several cotton threads are twisted together before the yarn is manufactured into fabric. The result is a jersey that feels especially silky, cools down the skin and keeps its form. Perfect for our threaded jersey pillowcases: The fabric encloses them without wrinkling – even the ones with unusual shapes, like our butterfly pillow.

Kneer Single-Jersey

Simply perfect: Single jersey fitted sheets 

The most common jersey fabric is single jersey. Our single jerseys are made of 100 % cotton. Single jersey is also called knitwear sometimes. Its benefits: It is soft, flexible and smooth – there is absolutely no need to iron it.  

Kneer Fein-Jersey

Fine jersey: Sleeping extra softly

High-quality fine jersey is denser and slightly heavier than a single jersey. It is finely knit, which makes it especially sleek and soft. Fitted sheets made of fine jersey keep their shape and are 100 % cotton. 

Terry fitted sheets: Endlessly soft and comfortable

Fluffy terry is a special-knitted fabric. Its upside consists of even cotton loops, the bottom of elastic polyester. This makes the terry sheet’s surface soft and fluffy, and at the same time elastic and flexible. Due to the ruffling slide and the elastic border, the sheets fit your mattress perfectly without wrinkling.  

Kneer Flausch-Frottee

Perfect sleep with fluffy terry

Kneer’s fluffy terry fitted sheets consist of 75 % cotton and 25 % polyester. Cotton is not only comfortably soft, its high absorbency protects your mattress from moisture such as sweat. Polyester makes the fabric extremely flexible. It is also soft and does not wrinkle – both enhancing your sleep quality. 

Wide selection of terry fitted sheets

Our fitted sheets in fluffy terry come in a wide variety: From fitted sheets for massage couches to classic sheets or sheets for children. We are sure you will find exactly what you need! You can also choose between Kneer’s many colors for sheets and bedroom textiles. 

Going to sleep with a clear conscience: The Oeko-Tex certificate

Our fitted sheets in fluffy terry carry the Oeko-Tex label. This label proves that our fitted sheets are free of pollutants and optical brighteners. As a result, they are skin-friendly and let you wake up and start your day refreshed and relaxed every morning. Fluffy terry is also easy to take care of: The sheets in bright colors are washable at 60° C / 140° F, white ones even at 95° C / 203° F. Our tip: Do not use optical brighteners to keep the beautiful colors bright for as long as possible. 

Beaver bed linen and beaver fitted sheets: Get fluffy and comfortable

Nothing is cozier than fluffy beaver linen and fitted sheets, you just want to cuddle into the fleecy fabric. The secret of the fluffy beaver quality lies in its production: Usually the fabric is made of cotton or a cotton-polyester-blend. For Kneer’s fitted sheets, the fabric is being carefully roughened to create the soft fluff that’s typical for the brand.  

Kneer Flausch-Biber

Perfect sleep with fluffy beaver

Especially during cold nights the fluffy beaver quality is perfect. It keeps you warm even when the temperatures are really low. Beaver bed linen is skin-friendly and breathable – allowing the fabric to keep you warm but not too warm on your fitted sheet or under your blanket. 

Beaver: An easy-care fabric

Beaver fitted sheets are especially easy to maintain. You can wash them at 60° C / 140° F and iron them. To enjoy the fluffy beaver quality as long as possible, we recommend using detergent without optical brighteners. Also, please turn the bed covers inside out before washing them and close the zipper. We wish you many relaxing and cozy nights. 

Velvet and luxury – blankets and fitted sheets made of velour

A cosy home is so important, it is a place to relax and recharge. Textiles made of velour are perfect to create a comforting atmosphere: They feel soft on your skin and keep you nice and warm. At the same time, the contained cotton makes the fabric breathable and skin-friendly. 

Quality processing for a fascinatingly cozy feeling

Velour feels soft and velvety. Its yarn combines cotton and polyester, together they become terry: the high slings on top are knitted and subsequently sheared. This creates the soft, velvety velour surface.


Velour: Soft and versatile

Velour has a wonderful texture – in whichever form it comes in. With its soft and shiny optic the textiles are an eye-catcher everywhere they are on display. Get cozy on the couch with a cup of tea and a velour blanket. With your velour fitted sheet you will be looking forward to bedtime all day. Especially when it is cold and nasty outside. 

How to maintain your velour fabrics

The look of velour is luxurious and resembles elegant velvet. To enjoy velour as long as possible, we recommend that you wash your velour fitted sheets and your home blankets at 60° C / 140° F and tumble dry them. Don’t be surprised to find lots of cotton lint in your fluff filter after the first wash – it is the superfluous lint from shearing the velour. Next time you will find hardly any of it. 

Organic fitted sheets: Good sleep and a clear conscience

Are you looking for bedroom textiles that feel good on your skin and also give you peace of mind? Organic quality helps you to go to bed relaxed. Because the fabrics are good for your body and also for the environment. We use high-quality materials for our fitted sheets and process them carefully. Therefore: If your demands for your bed linen are high, organic sheets are the right choice. 

Pure nature: Fitted sheets with organic cotton

Organic cotton fabric is mostly made out of natural materials. For bed linen, cotton often is the fabric of choice. Our stretchy organic cotton fitted sheets are made of cotton from controlled organic farming. They are fairly produced on an ecologically high level. And they contain a small share of elastane for a relaxed night.

Your organic sheet: Certified and sealed

We at Kneer care deeply about the environment. Therefore all our products come with the seal Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. This way, we guarantee that our bed linen is free of harmful substances – very important for bed linen and sheets that come so close to your skin. Furthermore, our stretchy organic cotton in organic cotton quality has also been labeled with the GOTS certificate. This certificate stands for the highest production standard of bed sheets, ecologically and socially. The cotton plants are fertilized with organic products and are free of pesticides. 

Our cotton is not genetically engineered and the people who produce it receive fair wages and work under humane conditions. With our stretchy organic cotton fitted sheets you are not just doing good to yourself and your skin, but also for other people and the environment.  

Molleton mattress slipcovers: Reliable protection for your bed

Kneer Molton

Our molleton mattress slipcovers protect your mattress reliably from moisture and dirt. They feel fluffy and soft and fit your mattress perfectly. Another plus: They are easy to handle and to wash. Trust us, you will sleep through the night peacefully and undisturbed.

Our molleton products: Wide selection for all purposes

  • The molleton stretch slipcover consists of cotton and polyester and is slightly roughened. This way it takes in moisture extremely well. 
  • Are you looking for a water-proof molleton slipcover? Then our Molleton-PU-Slipcover is the right choice. Its jersey surface and its polyurethane-coated bottom make it soft and moisture-proof.
  • The molleton kalmuck slipcover consists of a special fabric. Our slipcovers are manufactured very densely, which makes them durable. Our slipcovers are absorbent, take in moisture but are breathable at the same time. The high percentage of cotton makes them especially skin friendly. 

The right way to use Kneer’s mattress slipcovers

You can put the molleton stretch slipcover on top of your mattress, just like a fitted sheet. The slipcover with PU and the firm molleton slipcover have jersey fringes that you can adjust to the height of your mattress. This way the slipcover fits perfectly, additionally the all-around elastic border prevents slipping. After applying the slipcover, you can put on your fitted sheet as usual. All slipcovers are easy-care and washable at 60° C / 140° F and dryer-proof.

Carefree nights with our molleton mattress slipcovers

Our molleton mattress slipcovers make your nights more comfortable, because they protect your mattress reliably. On top of that, they are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified. With our high hygiene standards, we also protect your and your loved one's health.