Fitted sheets: Unsung hero in the bedroom

Most of the time fitted sheets hide under blankets and pillows – despite good reasons to display them proudly: They are one of the most important ingredients for sleeping restfully. They are constantly touching your skin, therefore their quality matters so much. 

A high-quality fitted sheet keeps you warm on cold winter nights and nice and cool during hot summer months. Additional benefit: You can change our sheets in no time. And thanks to their elastic rubber band the sheet always stays in place – even when you are tossing and turning at night. 

Why should you choose a fitted sheet?

A conventional sheet ist simply a rectangular fabric that you wrap around your mattress. Compared to that, a fitted sheet has some key advantages: It is made of elastic fabric such as cotton and comes with a rubber band around it. Therefore it is easy to put it in just the right place. 

In addition, the rounded edges guarantee, the fitted sheet covers the mattress perfectly. This way you do not have to deal with crumpling – even when you move a lot at night. A sheet that is perfectly straight from all sides also looks proper and inviting. Promise: With Kneer’s fitted sheets you will hardly be able to resist your bed anymore. 

The best fabric for your fitted sheet

Cotton, terry or stretch – we offer a large variety of materials. Which one you decide on depends on your personal preferences and the time of year. Our fitted jersey sheets are soft and smooth at the same time. Sheets made of cotton are also breathable and absorb excess moisture. They allow you a nice and cool rest and let you dream peacefully – even during hot summer nights. You like it extra-fluffy? Then our fitted sheets made of terry, velour or beaver are the perfect match for you. Their surface is wonderfully fluffy and perfect to cuddle up in. Additionally, they make sure you stay warm all night – a big plus during the winter months! Real sleep connoisseurs therefore own fitted sheets in various fabrics and change them depending on their mood and the temperature. Conclusion: You can’t go wrong with Kneer’s fitted sheets, because all of them are soft and comfortable. 

Perfect fit – for every mattress

Life is full of changes and challenges – and our fitted sheets prepare you for every situation! You can find designs for every type of bed: for children, couples or the elderly. It is important to us that your sheets fit perfectly and are neither too tight nor too loose. With a lot of box-spring beds, you only have to fit the sheet onto the topper – not ideal for regular sized sheets. For this purpose, we invented the Vario-Stretch sheet, which fits this particular type of mattress. And the high and flexible models for water beds are perfectly covered by our Easy-Stretch fitted sheets, which follow every movement. You have an even more specific requirement? We would love to customize special sizes for you. 

Kneer’s fitted sheets are eye-catchers in the bedroom

Silky bed linen is best complemented with appealing sheets. The pair makes your bed the center of attention which you love to return to after a long day. Many people are used to sheets in classic white – but Kneer offers you a variety of colors that fit every possible set of bed linen: Pastel shades for Scandinavian-style furniture or loud colors for friendly highlights. We also make sure the fabric matches your linen –  choose between cosy velour, exquisite satin or cuddly beaver sheets. 

Organic Cotton will let you sleep guilt-free

We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. Therefore, our shop offers a fitted stretch sheet made of organic cotton. Our production is in compliance with high social and ecological standards – certified by the GOTS logo (Global Organic Textile Standards). Fair wages, biological cultivation and environmentally friendly dyes are some of the standards that distinguish our Organic Cotton. Get comfortable with a clear conscience in our fitted sheets – all our products are stamped with the OEKO-TEX certificate. So you can be sure to sleep in pollutant free sheets. 

Taking care of your fitted sheets

There is nothing better than putting your head on a freshly washed sheet. To meet hygiene standards, change your sheets every two to three weeks. In case you sweat a lot or have allergies , even more often – just go with your intuition. The right temperature depends on your sheet’s fabric: Cotton is easy to clean and can be machine-washed at 60° C / 140° F. Many of our sheets, like jersey or beaver-cotton, will dry without wrinkling – there is no need to iron them. Some find it difficult to fold the fitted sheets, but there is a simple trick: Fold the sheet twice and then roll it together. This way it barely takes up space in your closet and is neatly stored.